Prices/Gross Profit

It costs around 32p per serving of a large round waffle. Then depending on the topping you add, if you sell this for say £6.00 inc VAT per waffle, this makes you a massive 90% GROSS PROFIT per waffle sold according to Brakes Gross Profit Calculator.


An Authentic waffle with no topping is just 228/100g calories and a Finest with no topping is just 222/100g calories.



‘Authentic’ Flour:             1 case of 4 bags each bag weighs 3.5kg is £85 per case with a waffle iron on hire. 

If you have your own waffle iron then the flour is £69 per case plus delivery for 1-4 cases and £69 per case and FREE delivery for 5 or more cases.

                             (this will make approx 290 waffles)                                       

So cost per waffle to make is around 8p per single waffle serving.

We do offer discounts if more than 1 case is purchased at a time.

Crepe flour comes in 12.5kg bag for £86/bag plus delivery costs unless 5 or more bags are purchased then delivery is FREE,


Butter substitute:           £16/  4lt bottle

Cooking Spray                 £9.99/454gm can


Salted Caramel Sauce 500g £3.84

Chocolate Flavour Dessert 500g £2.50

Brandy sauce 1lt £2.98

Strawberry Flavour Dessert Sauce 500g £2.44

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 620g £16.26

Canadian Maple Syrup 1lt £15.99

Raspberry Flavour Dessert Sauce 500g £2.48

Continental Dark Chocolate Sauce 1lt £7.34

Toffee Sauce 1lt £5.88

Chocolate Sauce 1lt £5.52

Mango Pure 1 kilo £12.32

Raspberry Puree 1 kilo £10.32

Raspberry Decorating Coulis 450ml £9.80

Passion Fruit Decorating Coulis 450ml £9.80

Red Berry Decorating Coulis 450ml £16.18

Machine to buy say £200

Flour to buy £85

Total cost £285

Make a £4 clear margin each case will make £1000

First case will make £715 on gross profit

Second case will make £915 on gross profit



If you charge £4.95 for a half waffle and £7.95 for a full waffle, so:-


Half waffle 16p

1 scoop of ice cream 15p

Salted caramel sauce 10p

Icing sugar 5p

Total cost 46p Gross margin £4.49

250 per case waffles £1,122.50 per half waffle so a whole waffle makes £2,2,45.00

Spend £85 and get a gp of £2,245.00



Full waffles 32p

2 scoops of ice cream 30p

Salted Caramel 20p

Icing sugar 10p

Total cost 90p Gross margin £7.05

250 waffles £1,762.50


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Our waffles have a golden crispy outside with a succulent fluffy inside.


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